The Twelfth Fret

So I bought my National Tricone resonator from  a shop in Toronto called The Twelfth Fret. I had been looking for one for a long time but a National Tricone is not the easiest guitar to source. I found a lot of stunning instruments on their site including shugirl the National I presently own.

My contact there was a guy named Grant MacNeill and he took good care of me. He asked me a lot of questions , some I didn’t understand to be honest, but he got the guitar set up for me based on my answers. So later when the guitar arrived I was pretty nervous because I had never purchased a guitar I hadn’t played first. It was like ordering a mail order spouse -lots of anxiety as it’s pretty late in the game when you finally open the box and see what you ‘ve got.

Turned out great and except for my darlin wife whom I love to pieces it the only thing I’ve  had that has exceeded my expectations on a daily basis.

So now we go 10 years forward and shugirl is getting to the point where she needed and little R &R (rest and restoration). I sent her back to the old country Toronto ON, to The Twelfth Fret to be refurbished.

The point of my story is that I was really missing my guitar and the day it was supposed to be sent out it missed the truck.  Grant was my contact and I expressed my disappointment. About the time I stopped pouting Glen emailed me and advised me he had taken my guitar with him on the way home and had dropped it off at the shipper. This meant it shipped as if it had not missed the truck. Never asked him he just did it.

my baby home and safe

I just finished running shugirl through her paces today and once again I’m impressed. The old girl has the spring in her step back, and to use a metaphor she’s more car than I can drive”. Fine workmanship gentleman.

At the risk of sounding old I’m gonna say it . hard to find old school above and beyond service, but if you need some work done or another instrument contact Grant MacNeill and his co workers at The Twelfth Fret


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