National Tricone resonator style 1

My main squeeze is a National Tricone  I christened shugirl,  What can I say, it’s one of the few things I have ever encountered that has exceeded my expectations on a daily basis. It’s a lot like riding a skittish horse as the 3 cones like to interact without the players consent. Never underestimate a shiny guitar.

Dobro Hound Dog

You want a decent resonator that will take shit and abuse try this little work horse. I play it on the street and on the stage when I need a softer sound but it has a much more percussive low-end sound. Cheap as snow in the winter, and you can laugh at my choice but it does the job. Now is the part of the tour where the purist can exit, because I would like to introduce you to the “volvolator”


This is the second of two cigarbox guitars I made. This thing is a workhorse, and it’s so much fun to play. Like driving a fast car with questionable steering. This is it’s third incarnation and it seems to be holding itself together. The first two times it was leaning against a wall and it made a sound like a bugs bunny cartoon and fell to pieces on the floor. Not well made but it has a voice that both me and my fans have come to love. yep the resonator cone is from a “62 Volvo Amazon 122 that I used to drive.

Tricone cigar box

Tricone cigar box photo

Here is the first cigar box which I play now and then.

Winebox Bass

So I picked up a wine box somewhere and after I got tired of tripping on it I made a stand up acoustic base out of it. I built it with hide glue, and followed the exact specs of ¾ stand up bass. (try not to laugh too hard). Anyway I had most of the work done when I found out the cost of a set of 4 strings 200 was the cheapest I could get them for. I play expensive strings but there only $14, the 200 price caused a physical reaction. After I changed my pants and took a loan I broke down and got the strings. Now I gotta find someone to play it.


I have a lot of harps, and have tried a lot of different kinds but nothing I’ve found yet plays as well as a Hohner.