I am an accomplished slide guitar and harp player. I play a mix of traditional, originals and covers and perform primarily as a solo artist. When the big guns and musical spaces are needed for special projects and events I get some boys and girls together and we put it out there.

My first love is blues, swing and jazz, but if the music is played well I’m in. I know my way around harmonicas and slide I can do some pretty outside of the box stuff on stage and off. Because I love to play I’m open to all genres of music, and collaboration.

I’m available for session work both live and in the studio and short collaborative tours.

In addition to larger shows, I’m always interested in booking private functions because of the opportunity to make a stronger musical connection with the audience.

If you are interested in making a booking send me a shout and we figure out how to make it work and have some fun.

Press kit: http://www.shuboy.ca/media-kit