Well, things are coming along slowly but surely, in my usual style I been juggling about a dozen things at once, all at various stages of completion but of course none of them completed. It makes me anxious, but I learned a long time ago to relax and let my brain play out as it will.

Over the past two years I’ve been working on a number of original songs and some of them are getting close to being finished so I am going to releasing them here and there as I get them finished up. The first one will be Build on the Rock, a gospel tune I wrote a while ago. It written in the old school call format, and I have two versions. The live version will be more traditional, and the recorded version I going to release will be a blend of old-time gospel, and rap.

I was very fortunate to partner with tomikaz3 a rapper who talent speaks for itself. So, the recorded version will feature tomikaz3, injecting his of brand of gospel in to song. Give it a listen, it’ll pick you up spin you around, and sit you down with a smile on your face.

You can also catch this amazing artist on his YouTube channel tomikaz3. Two of my favorites are RUN and Do Re Mi from his album the lowly spirit.


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