Been playing a mix of covers and originals on streets across Canada and down the American West Coast to Mexico and back on and off for the past 30 years

I’m an old school street musician based in Saskatoon, Sk .You can usually find me playing at summer festivals and fringes across Canada .. and of course all the best sidewalks. The street is one of my favorite venues because it allows for intimate contact between myself the performer and the people kind enough to listen to me on the street.

What’s really awesome is I play what I like and people respond in kind. You find out pretty quick what people think of your work on the street. Every once in a while I still like to take a short tour and hit a stage or two but my heart belongs to the street..

I play slide performing on a National Steel tricone resonator, homemade cigarbox guitars and harmonicas. I find my inspiration on the streets and I’m fearless when it comes to mixing genres  Blues, jazz, country, bluegrass, rap, middle eastern and everything in between

Anyway talk is cheap, have a listen to my music, if you like what you hear and want to hear more give me a shout out.  thank you to my fans who have supported me over the years, making it possible for me to follow the music.

Don’t forget to take a quick look at my Blog the resonator , because sometimes things just need to be said.

“Never underestimate a shiny guitar or a cool pair of shoes”