Summertime at the Saskatoon Fringe

Well the Nutrien Fringe Theatre Festival is going full swing right now, and its nice to see old friends and meet new ones. I think this is my favorite time of year music, theatre, artisans good food , lots of drama. Something for everyone.

The circle buskers are so much fun, juggling fire, doing some amazing acrobatic tricks, I envy them laughing at danger and doing all the things my mom would not let me try at home. A couple of my favorites are Ross Vegas from Australia, and Chis without the Hat a home grown Canadian. Both of these guys are something to see, and they’re very funny performers.

Another thing I like to try is all the different food trucks that can be found at the fringe. I love the Thai Bo truck it’s the best, freshly made , tasty and good for you.

This year I made another discovery the G U D Eats food truck. My wife is a vegetarian so I wanted to get her a veggie burger or something like that to take home. It was late at night and there were only a few food trucks still open, but I caught a lucky break when I saw the G U D Eats food truck with the lights on.

Now I ordered her a cheese burger, which was vegan and I expected the usual. You know.. a wanna be hamburger. I mean how can a hamburger be a hamburger without meat? Forgive me but I’m a straight up carnivore and right or wrong I tend to be dismissive of menu items made from vegetables pretending to be meat.

I waited a few minutes and they handed me my wife’s burger. When I got home I gave it to her and asked her how it was. She loved it  and she offered me a bite. It was the best hamburger I’ve ever had! The next night I got one for myself and again it was absolutely amazing. How did this happen? What kind of magic was going on in that foodtruck. What struck me most was the balance of flavours, the bun and ingredients, like a symphony.

Anyway, over the next two days I sent two of my confirmed carnivore friends over to try their cheeseburger. In order to entice them I told them if it was not the best burger they’ve had (vegan or not) I would give them their money back. Guess what, I still have all my money.

So regardless for your world view carnivore, vegan or vegetarian try one of GUD’s cheeseburgers , you’ll never look at burgers the same way. Oh yea, their onion rings are first class.

I’m willing to live with the screams of onions and other veggies being pulled from the ground and guilt of lettuce and tomatoes being waterboarded chopped into little pieces as long as I can get one more cheeseburger from GUD Eats


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