shuboy’s traveling medicine show

So I’ve been pretty busy with a new concept that’s been running round and round my little brain. It took me a little head scratching to figure a way to make it work in the real world, but I think I got it. The goal was to keep playing music on the street but include a small portable venue a that adds some excitement and creates it’s own space.

So in honor of the old tyme snake oil salesmen, and sideshow carnies who rolled into town with their colorful wagons and vague promises, I’m gonna set up my own dog and pony show.

I’ve created a 6 ‘5” ft square portable tent decorated carnival/medicine show graphics with a wooden floor, designed to fit within traditional busking space.  The front will be open and I’ll do a littler song and dance inside it, maybe do a little bamboozling. It will have an exciting retro carnival sideshow look especially combined with National steel, cigarbox guitars, and harp work.

It’s going to be a good time, and a crazy social experiment we can all have some fun with. Kinda old school socializing without an electric filter or screen between us.

I’m excited as I’m  in the process of firming up an eclectic western Canada summer tour “ shuboys traveling medicine show”. Yep I’m gonna take my little wagon and tent and set up on a side walk or festival near you. There will be music, tall tales or misfortune and luck, harp playing that will bring a tear to your eye, or at least a little dust.

Over the course of the 2019 summer a live album will be recorded on the street from the tent at different locations. So, I look forward to see you out there on all the best sidewalks, and thanks to everyone who tolerates my crazy shit.

Remember when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S Thompson

I’ve got some of my first shuboys traveling medicine show bookings confirmed so I’ll post some dates and locations soon.


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