Cathedral Village Art Festival Street Fair Regina SK May 25, 2019

I want to call the Cathedral Village Art Festival Street Fair one of Saskatchewan’s best kept secrets, but how secret can it be when 40,000 to 50,000 people show up every year to hang out, view the creative work of over 300 artisans, plus an assortment of musicians, buskers and food vendors.

The big attraction for me and a lot of others I suspect is the quality and originality of the Artisan’s wares. Unlike most street markets who allow the reselling of manufactured products, the CVAF prohibits this restricting their participants to offer only handmade items made by the artist hosting the spot. Which is especially cool because you can talk with the artisan directly.

behold…. the volvolator

With this in mind I was really happy and thankful when I got the opportunity to make this event the first date of shuboy’s traveling medicine show tour. I think it’s a perfect match, as the goal of the tour is the same as the artisans which at the core  is to showcase their creations to the public, and to create revenue to live to create more. Win Win in my book.

My venue will be at the on 13thAve and just before Elphinstone St so please come over and say Hi. I got a few tall tales to tell and plenty of music, and of course the Volvolator my favorite cigar box guitar.  Just look for the tent and the Marquee, it have shuboy’s traveling medicine show  plastered all over it

So come down and have some fun with us it’s a guaranteed good time.


The Street Fair date is Saturday, May 25th, 2019 and goes from 10 AM to 5:00 PM and takes place on 13th Avenue between Albert Street & Elphinstone Street, on the 2100 block of Retallack St on 2114 – 2124 Robinson Street and in the Garnet Street parking lot in the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Twelfth Fret

So I bought my National Tricone resonator from  a shop in Toronto called The Twelfth Fret. I had been looking for one for a long time but a National Tricone is not the easiest guitar to source. I found a lot of stunning instruments on their site including shugirl the National I presently own.

My contact there was a guy named Grant MacNeill and he took good care of me. He asked me a lot of questions , some I didn’t understand to be honest, but he got the guitar set up for me based on my answers. So later when the guitar arrived I was pretty nervous because I had never purchased a guitar I hadn’t played first. It was like ordering a mail order spouse -lots of anxiety as it’s pretty late in the game when you finally open the box and see what you ‘ve got.

Turned out great and except for my darlin wife whom I love to pieces it the only thing I’ve  had that has exceeded my expectations on a daily basis.

So now we go 10 years forward and shugirl is getting to the point where she needed and little R &R (rest and restoration). I sent her back to the old country Toronto ON, to The Twelfth Fret to be refurbished.

The point of my story is that I was really missing my guitar and the day it was supposed to be sent out it missed the truck.  Grant was my contact and I expressed my disappointment. About the time I stopped pouting Glen emailed me and advised me he had taken my guitar with him on the way home and had dropped it off at the shipper. This meant it shipped as if it had not missed the truck. Never asked him he just did it.

my baby home and safe

I just finished running shugirl through her paces today and once again I’m impressed. The old girl has the spring in her step back, and to use a metaphor she’s more car than I can drive”. Fine workmanship gentleman.

At the risk of sounding old I’m gonna say it . hard to find old school above and beyond service, but if you need some work done or another instrument contact Grant MacNeill and his co workers at The Twelfth Fret


Every once in a while I m reminded If you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you’re right. Henry Ford

Well, things are coming along slowly but surely, in my usual style I been juggling about a dozen things at once, all at various stages of completion but of course none of them completed. It makes me anxious, but I learned a long time ago to relax and let my brain play out as it will.

Over the past two years I’ve been working on a number of original songs and some of them are getting close to being finished so I am going to releasing them here and there as I get them finished up. The first one will be Build on the Rock, a gospel tune I wrote a while ago. It written in the old school call format, and I have two versions. The live version will be more traditional, and the recorded version I going to release will be a blend of old-time gospel, and rap.

I was very fortunate to partner with tomikaz3 a rapper who talent speaks for itself. So, the recorded version will feature tomikaz3, injecting his of brand of gospel in to song. Give it a listen, it’ll pick you up spin you around, and sit you down with a smile on your face.

You can also catch this amazing artist on his YouTube channel tomikaz3. Two of my favorites are RUN and Do Re Mi from his album the lowly spirit.


2019 “ shuboy’s traveling MEDICINE SHOW” Tour

Cathedral Village Arts Festival            May 25, 2019                      

Prince Albert Street Fair                       June 15,  2019*                    

Saskatchewan Jazz Fest                         June 21-30, 2019

Moose Jaw Sidewalk Days Festival     July 4,5, 2019*                   

  YXE Foodtruck wars                             July 26,27,28, 2019*

Saskatoon Fringe Festival                      Aug 1-10, 2019

Edmonton Fringe Festival                     Aug 15-25,  2019                

 Broadway Street Fair                            Sept 7, 2019

keep watching more dates to be added soon


shuboy’s traveling medicine show

So I’ve been pretty busy with a new concept that’s been running round and round my little brain. It took me a little head scratching to figure a way to make it work in the real world, but I think I got it. The goal was to keep playing music on the street but include a small portable venue a that adds some excitement and creates it’s own space.

So in honor of the old tyme snake oil salesmen, and sideshow carnies who rolled into town with their colorful wagons and vague promises, I’m gonna set up my own dog and pony show.

I’ve created a 6 ‘5” ft square portable tent decorated carnival/medicine show graphics with a wooden floor, designed to fit within traditional busking space.  The front will be open and I’ll do a littler song and dance inside it, maybe do a little bamboozling. It will have an exciting retro carnival sideshow look especially combined with National steel, cigarbox guitars, and harp work.

It’s going to be a good time, and a crazy social experiment we can all have some fun with. Kinda old school socializing without an electric filter or screen between us.

I’m excited as I’m  in the process of firming up an eclectic western Canada summer tour “ shuboys traveling medicine show”. Yep I’m gonna take my little wagon and tent and set up on a side walk or festival near you. There will be music, tall tales or misfortune and luck, harp playing that will bring a tear to your eye, or at least a little dust.

Over the course of the 2019 summer a live album will be recorded on the street from the tent at different locations. So, I look forward to see you out there on all the best sidewalks, and thanks to everyone who tolerates my crazy shit.

Remember when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S Thompson

I’ve got some of my first shuboys traveling medicine show bookings confirmed so I’ll post some dates and locations soon.


never underestimate a shiny guitar

Well, looks like summer is over, and things are slowing down for a little while. This is good because I have a lot of catch up work to do over the next little while. I spent a good part of august in Edmonton this year, most of it at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, which again lived up to it’s reputation as one of the best Fringes in North America. Anyway people in Saskatoon and Edmonton kept coming up to me to say they saw me at the Edmonton International airport. Which was kind of confusing as I had not been there for a couple years. After asking for more clarification it appeared I was on a poster the terminal marketing Edmonton festivals. So at about 3 in the morning on our way back from the Fringe we stopped by the airport …. And there I was bigger than life.

Like I always say “never underestimate a shiny guitar

Summertime at the Saskatoon Fringe

Well the Nutrien Fringe Theatre Festival is going full swing right now, and its nice to see old friends and meet new ones. I think this is my favorite time of year music, theatre, artisans good food , lots of drama. Something for everyone.

The circle buskers are so much fun, juggling fire, doing some amazing acrobatic tricks, I envy them laughing at danger and doing all the things my mom would not let me try at home. A couple of my favorites are Ross Vegas from Australia, and Chis without the Hat a home grown Canadian. Both of these guys are something to see, and they’re very funny performers.

Another thing I like to try is all the different food trucks that can be found at the fringe. I love the Thai Bo truck it’s the best, freshly made , tasty and good for you.

This year I made another discovery the G U D Eats food truck. My wife is a vegetarian so I wanted to get her a veggie burger or something like that to take home. It was late at night and there were only a few food trucks still open, but I caught a lucky break when I saw the G U D Eats food truck with the lights on.

Now I ordered her a cheese burger, which was vegan and I expected the usual. You know.. a wanna be hamburger. I mean how can a hamburger be a hamburger without meat? Forgive me but I’m a straight up carnivore and right or wrong I tend to be dismissive of menu items made from vegetables pretending to be meat.

I waited a few minutes and they handed me my wife’s burger. When I got home I gave it to her and asked her how it was. She loved it  and she offered me a bite. It was the best hamburger I’ve ever had! The next night I got one for myself and again it was absolutely amazing. How did this happen? What kind of magic was going on in that foodtruck. What struck me most was the balance of flavours, the bun and ingredients, like a symphony.

Anyway, over the next two days I sent two of my confirmed carnivore friends over to try their cheeseburger. In order to entice them I told them if it was not the best burger they’ve had (vegan or not) I would give them their money back. Guess what, I still have all my money.

So regardless for your world view carnivore, vegan or vegetarian try one of GUD’s cheeseburgers , you’ll never look at burgers the same way. Oh yea, their onion rings are first class.

I’m willing to live with the screams of onions and other veggies being pulled from the ground and guilt of lettuce and tomatoes being waterboarded chopped into little pieces as long as I can get one more cheeseburger from GUD Eats


2018 Food Truck Wars Street Festival-July 27, 28, 29, 2018

I think were in for an exciting weekend, I’m going to be hanging out at the 2018 Food Tuck Wars Street Festival. It’s going to be a lottta fun. Affinity Credit Union Main Stage will be hosting  * SIGA’s Hot Dog Havoc, a hot dog eating contest * Ultimate Hamburger Championship (UHC) *Saskatchewan’s Got Talent contest, and lot’s more.

I’ll be hanging out at the The Dakota Dunes Casino Entertainment Circle located at the intersection of Avenue D & Avenue E on 20th Street.  I’ll be playing and we will have lots of action there. I’ll be playing a few tunes on and off all day, I know there are some other musician buskers scheduled that will make your toes tap and your day a little brighter. I just found out we’ll have a few performances over the weekend by Ross ‘Vegas’ who just flew in from Australia to do some performing in Canada. No his arms aren’t tired Ross is a pro in very good shape.

Ross Vegas combines the ancient arts of circus and vaudeville, with rap, human beat-box, and vocal sound FX, to create a show unique worldwide. Acrobatics, illusion, fire juggling, visual gags, rapping, and comic improvisation are performed to a soundtrack created live with just the human voice, culminating in a spectacular one-hand balance on a tower of folding chairs. You can find out more about him on his interweb site.

So if your looking for some fun, and some good grub come out and hang with us this weekend, it’ll be a blast. Check it out.


saturday afternoon Rebellion Brew co

Well off to see the Moose Jaw Sidewalk days. It will be running until Saturday and I highly recommend it. After that it’s off to the Rebellion Brewery Co  in Regina, where I’ll be playing Saturday afternoon July 7th.

Rebellion Brewing Co 1901 Dewdney Ave


I stopped by there the end of May this year and had an awesome beer (oatmeal stout). I’m gonna try another this Saturday and play a few tunes and tell a few tall tales. Come out and have some fun. I’ll do my best to be entertaining, and I can guarantee the beer will be awesome.

Be there or be square