a lady sings the blues

I was finishing up a set and this unassuming young lady who had been sitting on a nearby bench commented that she really enjoyed my playing. I was humbled and I thanked her for her kind words, and then she blurted out “I can sing.”-“What kind of music do you sing “I asked, opera she said.  This got my attention  because opera singers always have good pipes.” I don’t know any opera, do you song anything else I asked”?

She named a few Jazz tunes and of course my ADHD kicked in and I couldn’t match the names with the songs. Finally she asked me if I knew “Lady Sings the Blues”, frantically searching my brain, I could not match up the title with the music so I asked her to sing a few bars. She opened her mouth and started singing…. well her voice filled the entire street. I swear… the birds stopped singing, people stopped talking, it was like a surreal movie. Her voice carried over everything, it was like slamming an incredible soundtrack on real life. It was like listening to an Ella Fitzgerald album with that extra electricity you get when it’s live.

Well I (and everyone else) was blown away. I had to stop playing for more than 30 min just to process it all. After that we got to talking, and it turns out she is a voice teacher at the Saskatoon Academy of Music.  Absolutely amazing.

That’s what I love about what I do, it keeps opening me up to these amazing unexpected moments.  Keep your eyes and heart open, it could happen to you.


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